Not all Trade-In forms are created equal…

Your current trade-in form is very boring and 95% of people leave without ever filling it outYou are losing out on A LOT of leads.
Dealers want consumers to come to their dealership to get a value, but most consumers never follow through.  Incentivizing them with a gift card good towards any purchase at your dealership will dramatically increase how many customers bring in their vehicle for an appraisal.  The only way they can get the gift card is to visit your dealership.  It will also dramatically increase the number of sales you make because you will have a lot higher chance of closing a sale with a customer that comes to your dealership.  The best part is you capture the lead whether or not they actually visit your dealership.
You can integrate it into your website in under 15 minutes.  You’ll be amazed at how many more leads this will generate for you which will bring you more sales.


For a Limited Time Only!!!  

In addition to getting our Trade-In Tool, you will also get:

1. Your inventory posted in front of millions of consumers at

2. New/Used Sales Leads from

3. Your Dealership advertised on when a consumer from your area visits.



95% of Consumers Who View Your Trade-In Form Never Fill It Out

You are losing out on SO many leads each month because consumers don’t like to fill out a long form and wait for a response.  BUT if you incentivize them with a gift card if they visit your dealership, your conversion rate will sky rocket.

Consumers Can Only Collect The Gift Card If They Bring In Their Vehicle For An Appraisal

You don’t have to worry about giving out gift cards to people that are not motivated.  The only way they can receive the card is if they bring their vehicle in for an appraisal.

It Will Cost You Less Than $25

If you reward your potential customers with this gift card towards any purchase at your dealership, it will cost you a lot less than $25 per card because of your margins.

Your Closing Ratio Is A LOT Higher If They Visit Your Dealership

As you already know, if a person visits your dealership in person, you have a lot greater chance of making the sale versus just talking to them on the phone.

Even If The Consumer Does Not Visit Your Dealership, You Still Collected A FREE Lead

Not all people will follow through and visit your dealership even if they are offered a free gift card.  BUT once they fill out our form, you have collected their information for FREE and can continue to market to them to try to make a sale or get them to use your service department, etc.

Easy Integration

Most dealers can have our form integrated into their website in under 15 minutes.  We provide you all the banners and graphics necessary to get people to notice this form on your website.

100% Responsive Technology

The majority of today’s trade-in forms suffer from a lack of technology, or multiscreen capabilities. Our platform is 100% responsive, which means it will work on ANY screen and on ANY website provider’s platform.

High Quality Leads

Not only will you know what vehicle the consumer wants to trade in, but we will also share with you their replacement vehicle.  It’s like 2 leads in 1.  You can also see up to 5 pictures of the trade-in vehicle.

100% FREE (No Obligation) Trial

The only way you know how it will work for you is to try it on your own website.  That’s why we will give you a FREE TRIAL of our tool so you can see for yourself how many more leads you can generate.

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