Not all Trade-In forms are created equal…

Your current trade-in form is very boring and 95% of people leave without ever filling it outYou are losing out on A LOT of leads.  When consumers see they can get an instant trade in value, your conversion goes through the roof and the best part is you capture the lead.
Dealers want consumers to come in to their dealership to get a value, but that is old school thinking.  Consumers are a lot smarter now and do more research online – especially after hours.  They want instant gratification.
Even if you don’t use NADA values or are worried about showing a higher value than you are willing to pay, we’ve got you covered.  We set expectations upfront with the consumer and the consumers are aware this is just a guide and that it is an estimate only.  We also allow you the ability to discount the values.
You can integrate it into your website in under 15 minutes.  You’ll be amazed at how many more leads this will generate for you which will bring you more sales.

95% of Consumers Who View Your Trade-In Form Never Fill It Out

You are losing out on SO many leads each month because consumers don’t like to fill out a long form and wait for a response.  Not to mention a lot of consumers visit your website after hours and know they will not be contacted back in a timely manner.

Consumers Know These Values Are Estimates Only

We set expectations up front with the consumer.  They know this is an estimated value only and they will not get a firm offer until they bring in their vehicle and have you inspect it.  We also allow the dealer to write their own disclaimer directly under the price.

Customizable Appraisal Values

With customizable appraisal values powered by NADAguides, dealers will have a choice as far as how aggressive they want to be with the value given to a customer for their trade-in. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not offering too much for a vehicle.

Don’t Under Estimate The Consumer

The days of trying to get ALL consumers to come in to your store before they get a value are over.  Consumers want instant gratification.  They are Internet savvy and know they can find values online from multiple sources so why not have them do their research while they are on your website and be able to capture the lead at the same time.

Consumers Know the NADA Guides Name

Using our Trade-In tool adds credibility to your website.  Consumers are very familiar with the NADA name and this will help you get more trade-in quote requests.

Easy Integration

Most dealers can have our form integrated into their website in under 15 minutes.  We provide you all the banners and graphics necessary to get people to notice this form on your website.

100% Responsive Technology

The majority of today’s trade-in forms suffer from a lack of technology, or multiscreen capabilities. Our platform is 100% responsive, which means it will work on ANY screen and on ANY website provider’s platform.

High Quality Leads

Not only will you know what vehicle the consumer wants to trade in, but we will also share with you their replacement vehicle.  It’s like 2 leads in 1.  You can also see up to 5 pictures of the trade-in vehicle.

Protected by U.S. Patent

We are the only trade-in tool allowed in the Powersports, RV, or Boat industries. Protected by U.S. patent.

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